About Us

Peace & Blessings, I'm Te'Resa, ( "The Designing Diva "), I am the President of Blissful Art & Design.  One of my favorite things to do is be a wander-luster. I enjoy going new places and exploring new adventures. Everywhere I go, I take God, my phone and my camera. To me it's pure bliss, the joy and peace I feel surrounded by God's beauty is simply awesome-sauce ! Hence, the name Blissful Art & Design.  I feel so whimsy and free when I see the perfect moment to capture. I am truly blessed to have a flourishing business that I truly love ! 

Let's Rewind... 
I am so thankful, that even starting as a small child, my mother encouraged my love for being creative. As I became older, she recognized my passion for art and sent me to Micheal M. Byrne school where I was apart of an outstanding art program. Later, I attended Marie Curie High School, Chicago, where I studied Visual Arts.

Both schools cultivated and nourished my love for the arts. During that time, I realized and enjoyed selling my art as a young girl and received so much heartfelt joy when I handed the customer their new painting. After I graduated high school, I could not paint anymore, due to the heavy fumes. Desperately, I needed a new creative outlet… a former teacher mentioned computer graphics, graphic design was a perfect match!

Fast Forward to today, I love moments when I talk to my Granny, and she recalls early childhood memories of me always having a pen and paper in my hand, to draw something. Now, I have a stylus in my hand, from designing Digital Art or working in Adobe Photoshop. Truly, the combination of Design, Art and Photography give me such joy, I experience pure "Bliss" !  Blissful Art & Design allows me to combine all three "loves" to express my true originality!